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Tory Burch Patent Leather Slide Sandals Cheap Sale Perfect yIp2Foa9
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While Apple’s proprietary software means this watch only works with iPhones (and vice-versa, iPhones work best with this watch), the Apple Watch ($330) stood out in testing for its versatile and easy navigation with its touchscreen, dial, and button. Small details, like being able to zoom in to look at apps, and dozens of customization options, ensured the Apple Watch was a tester favorite. Though its square touchscreen won’t blend in as an “everyday” watch — it looks solidly tech — we loved visually crisp and beautifully clear images and icons.

The Samsung Gear Sport ($300) has a similarly gorgeous screen to the Apple and Fossil and can be used with any Android or Samsung phone. We loved the Samsung for being easy to navigate: the touchscreen responds to our every, well, touch, the Gear Sport has two buttons, one for waking the watch up, and the other for accessing the main app page. But it’s the rotating bezel (the metal ring running on the outer edge of the watch’s face), which scrolls through various options, that reduces finger fatigue and makes the Sport one of the easiest watches to use.

The Samsung Gear Sport is similar to the Apple Watch in that they are both slim, high-tech smart watches with a solid-black color scheme for the default band and casing. But if you’re looking for a smart watch with more options and aesthetic appeal, we loved Fossil’s Q Venture series ($255–$275, depending on band style). The Fossil Q Ventures' nine style options (compared to Apple’s four and Samsung’s two) make it easy to find your ideal look beyond simply “themes of gray.” We also loved the Q Venture’s highly responsive touchscreen— a good thing, since that’s its primary source of navigation (its solitary button will only wake up the watch and open the main app page). We liked this watch out of the box for its immediate sense of style, and fell in love with how it matches its high-quality look with high-quality performance.

We wanted to look at every smart watch the industry had to offer, but given the many hybrid and off-brand options flooding the market, we created three initial criteria for our search: we wanted “true” smart watches (not hybrids, read on), well-supported operating systems, and no ties to specific cell providers.

True smart watches come with a touchscreen and cellular capabilities. They vibrate or ring for incoming phone calls, display received texts, and give you the option of writing new texts, or responding to recent ones. They also give you access to some apps directly from your wrist. Alternatives are more like traditional watches with a few additional notification lights or vibrations — granted, these hybrids are smarter than your average watch, but the best smart watch is much more than a blinking timepiece.

Seemingly innocuous "connected" gifts including teddy bears and vacuum cleaners give hackers a cyber-open door to you home.
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Image credit: Cloud Pets | Facebook
Deral Heiland
Guest Writer
IoT Research Lead at Rapid7
6 min read
Opinions expressed by contributors are their own.

As holiday shoppers attempt to "wow" their friends, families and coworkers with the top presents of the season -- think Amazon Echos, smart TVs and internet-enabled toys -- they could be inadvertently exposing their giftees to a world of cybersecurity pain.Unfortunately, hackers looking to expand their attacks beyond networks and emails have set their sights on devices that are connected to our home networks.

Despite the recent security issues with IoT devices (i.e. Rag amp; Bone Metallic Newbury Ankle Boots Under Sale Online Official Sale Online ZlsRYf
),a recent survey found that 65 percent of millennials are unaware of IoT risks and the same percentage don't take this type of security seriously. However, with stockings already being hung by the chimney with care, it's important to raise awareness about the types of threats plaguing these devices. Before making those final purchases, let's explore which popular items are most at-risk and ways in which owners can secure their new toys.

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5 Signs Your Small Business is Becoming Irrelevant (and What to Do About It)

By The Hartford

The newest, hottest devices are obviously high on holiday wish lists, and for good reason! Many of them are not only fun additions to the home, but also add a significant convenience factor when it comes to day-to-day activities like switching lights on and off, controlling music, locking doors and entertaining children. However, before bringing these items into the home, it's important for consumers to weigh the pros and cons.

One of the biggest risks associated with installing IoT devices revolves around the loss of privacy. As IoT evolves, devices that have video cameras in them should be avoided at all costs. We've seen vulnerabilities appear within connected cameras time and time again -- see examples and. While using IoT cameras externally for security purposes makes sense, bringing them into the home can be, and has been, an issue.

Serves: 1 — double the recipe for2


chia seeds almond milk


The tropical tree that produces cocoa beans is called Theobroma Cacao . Theobroma means “food of the gods.”

The indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica have enjoyed cacao since before the time of Christ. It’s been cultivated throughout Mexico, Central America and South America since the Early Formative Period and used as a food, a medicine and even currency. In fact, cacao was so highly valued that the ancient native peoples celebrated it, immortalizing its place in society through things like oral history, stonework and pottery chronicling its use in rituals and everyday life.

Archaeological sites have found ceramic vessels with cacao residues from the pre-Olmec peoples, from several sites in Mexico and throughout Central America, dating as far back as 1750–1900 B.C.

It’s believed that the first to grow the beans as a crop were the Olmec Indians, from 1500–400 B.C. By 600 A.D., Mayans had migrated to the northern regions of South America and took cacao with them, establishing plantations. In Mayan cultures, where it’s believed to be of divine origin, cacao is celebrated with an annual festival in April. The Aztecs believe their god Quetzalcoatl discovered cacao, and the consumption of cacao was restricted to the society’s elite. (, )

Columbus was the first European to learn of cacao upon the capture of a canoe that was carrying it as cargo. Cacao did not become popular in Europe at this time because Columbus was only aware of the currency use of cacao, not the food or medicinal uses. But 20 years later, Cortez recorded its use in the court of Emperor Montezuma.

Cacao was given as a gift, and while Spain and Portugal did not export it to the rest of Europe for almost a century, it gained popularity as a medicine and Giuseppe Zanotti Embossed Suede Flats Clearance Purchase Cheap Sale Get Authentic Buy Cheap Low Cost 2SF6z7
before regular shipments to Europe started. Twenty-five years before cocao was used in the preparation of food, the first shop opened in London in 1657 and served it as a beverage. However, it was so expensive that it was typically only consumed by the wealthy.

Chocolate was introduced to the an Irish chocolate maker who imported beans from the West Indies to Dorchester, Massl, with his partner, Dr. James Baker. Soon, America’s first chocolate mill was making the famous Baker’s chocolate that you’ve likely heard of today. As demand grew, technology such as the cocoa press was invented to help keep up, slowly bringing the price down.

Today, most Americans consume refined versions that provide way fewer nutritional benefits. However, there are various forms, such as cacao powder, creme de cacao, raw cacao, cacao nibs, cacao beans and cacao butter, that, if consumed in their most raw and natural states, can give way to some amazing health benefits.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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It was a warm October afternoon in 1976, and we were on our way to the airport. The sun was bright, and the colorful Canadian Indian summer was a magnificent picture stretched across the foothills. As I contemplated that peaceful beauty, I knew why Peter had chosen Calgary to be our home. Now we were leaving it behind—heading for Germany and a new life’s adventure.

“All passengers for Air Canada’s flight 852 please report at the gate.” I had quite a time keeping six-year-old David, our eldest, from running to be first aboard. As I lifted one-and-a-half-year-old Michael into my arms, he asked, “Mommy, is daddy on that plane?” The answer came from his five-year-old sister, Danielle. “Of course not, Michael, that is why we are going to Germany—to be with daddy again.”

Good-byes, hugs, tears, “Don’t forget to write!” and then the clouds were a sea of rippling waves beneath the aircraft. Calgary fell far behind and with it home, friends, and numerous possessions too costly to ship yet impossible to forget. When we had left BYU to settle in Calgary, we had brought with us only a diploma, a car packed with household items, and boxes of books. The only piece of furniture we then owned was David’s crib. But our hearts were full of hope and determination. Hard work and time had given us all we needed. Now it was part of our past.

“We are now flying over the St. Lawrence River,” came a voice over the intercommunication system. My thoughts flew to another flight of long ago and far away.

I was almost twenty-one that calm January day in 1966. The Argentine Airline plane was leaving my country of birth behind, my home, my friends, my early artworks, the eager third-graders I had taught the previous year at the new Bilingual School in our district, and—the most cherished memories of my youth—the first two years of membership in the true church of Prada Flatform Slingback Wedges Cheap Real Authentic Cheap And Nice Reliable Sale Online UPpOU
. Then had followed a long-awaited patriarchal blessing, my temple endowment, a mission, language study at BYU, meeting Peter in an Italian class the first day of school, a temple marriage, our beautiful children.

I looked at my watch. We would soon be landing at the London Airport. “I can hardly wait to get to a comfortable bed in our hotel room. I just hope it’s not raining there today,” I said to myself as I glanced at the little ones sleeping uncomfortably in their seats. Danielle and I wanted to look our best for daddy, but our curls wouldn’t survive London’s intermittent rain.

Next day, we were on the final leg of our flight. The German plane was comfortable and had a bright, modern interior. The children were happy coloring on books they had been given aboard. The sky was blue, deep and uniform as if painted on cloth. I found myself once again deep in thought.

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